Ok ok. No more “Refinement + Evolution = Revolution!” No more “Always refining, ever-evolving.” I’m done with the marketing nonsense and trying to monetize my writing. It’s time for me to treat this vanity project of mine as more like a, well, vanity project.

The Fuck was I thinking?

My goals as an artist WERE to refine through practice and evolve with experience, transforming myself into a significant force in the creative sphere. While those are still my goals, per se, I’m done making a big deal about it. FUCK the cycle.

Digital immigrant?!!

Oh, right. At one point, I called myself a “digital immigrant.” Again, that is still true. Who gives a fuck?!! I don’t anymore. While the concept of generations still fascinates me (I, being a baby X-er, share much with the geriatric Millennials), I’m not gonna put much stock into it. However, I may or may not write about my thoughts on Howe and Strauss’ generational theory and their book “The Fourth Turning.”

Full-stack storyteller?!!

Ah! Another cringe moment in my life. That time I rebranded myself as a “full-stack storyteller.” I thought I was so brilliant trying to tie the act of writing to software development. After a while, I ran out of ideas to compare the two. What I did get from that exercise in futility was the start of a set of rules I could cultivate in the future.

In other words, I didn’t get shit from it!

Ethnic exile?!!

Actually, this is a concept I think is worth exploring. When I wrote about being an ethnic exile, I thought the salad bowl was more a progressive analogy than the melting pot. But I changed my mind after reading LeAna B. Gloor’s and Mohamed Berray’s critiques on both concepts. Berray coined the “ethnicity in exile” theory, where existing local contexts of host countries influence the choices and actions of immigrant groups from different origins. In other words, it emphasized the collaboration of separate groups to form a distinct culture rather than others submitting to the dominant culture of the one. I ended it by voicing my complex thoughts on the issue, that although it was an ideal outcome, I didn’t believe it was possible, at least right now.

Does it still make me feel about “revolution” and “transformation?” Not anymore, no. At the time, my socio-political philosophies were all over the place. Liberalism mixed with Progressivism with a mish-mash of internet left-wing ideologies all stirred in the pot. Good intentions, disorganized praxis. I’m still working on it.

Nevertheless, I no longer wait for the day when “refinement + evolution = revolution!” is less of a fancy slogan and more of a call to action. Refine Evolve, is good as dead as far as my “professional development” goes. From here on out it’s creativity for creativity’s sake.