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Oh I cannot wait to have an internet connection of my own again.  Sigh.

So without further interruption:  suspected date of May, 2009

So this is my first blog using my new iMac, and I’m documenting my trip from L.A. to Texas.  My goal is to continue blogging until such a time that I get lazy again and stop.  I tend to have about 2 weeks worth of mental energy where I write up a storm, then slowly I lose steam and just crash . . . for about 6 months or so.  I don’t claim to not do that this time around but I figure if I call it out now, maybe I can psychologically trick myself to keep going.  Here’s to trying.

Anyway, when you start taking long trips, 2 or 3 hours feels like 2 or 3 days.  I remember the first time I drove from Abilene to Los Angeles, that shit took foreeeeever!  But, the more I did it, the more I got used to it, and I started complaining and cussing out slow traffic less, and began not minding the situation more.  In fact, I’ve tended to zone out (but not too much that I don’t watch the road . . . so far) and have gradually learned to get enjoyment out of the situation.  I wonder if this is what the call, “wanderlust.”  It’s almost like a runner’s high, except not as endorphine-induced, but similar.  Actually, I lie.  I still cuss out slow traffic.

So yeah, this iMac is the shit!  I don’t know if it’s just because it’s a new computer, but wow, they weren’t kidding when they said it was very user friendly.  I was a little apprehensive, being that I’ve used PCs ever since my little ol’ self could use a computer (back when a 386DX was fresh!  haha!).  So what do I do with this thing after putting all my music in it?  Yes, you guessed it.  Installed WoW.  Why that’s what I’m doing as I write this blog.  Now as for being able to play it?  We’ll see once I get to my destination.  But, knowing my addicted ass self, I’ll figure out a way.  Besides, it’s all just to keep in touch with my homies.  Honest!

But yeah, back to long driving.  All those times driving from Monterey to L.A. and back made driving from L.A. to Phoenix seem like a breeze.  Hell I didn’t even speed.  Probably because of the tons of Photo Enforcement Zones that surprised the fuck out of me when I saw them.  I saw a flash, but it was from pretty far away.  Hope it wasn’t me.  Guess I’ll find out some time in maybe August or some shit when I get a surprise ticket.  Why did I have to get a spry little Speed 6.  Damn you Ed.

Well, maybe the next time you see another blog of mine, I’ll be in New Mexico.  But for now it’s time for me to hit the road.  Hopefully, it’s not as hot as balls and windy as farts as Arizona, but I doubt it.



Wait really? I’ve had my Mac since 09? It’s a suspected start date I guess. It doesn’t matter anyway because it’s not in my possession anymore. I’m not quite sure but it wasn’t even 2 weeks before I crashed. One word: WoW. That goddamn game has such a stranglehold on me that’s it’s harder to quit than cigarettes. So there went that.

I can still do long drives. In fact, it’s one of the many little pleasures I have in life. Around October of last year when Ed Biag visited, we made an impromptu trip from where I was in FWB to New Orleans. I drove both ways, and not only did I mind, I rather enjoyed it. (nevermind the massive hangover I had driving back from bar-hopping the night before on Bourbon St.) In fact, when I get back stateside, I would like to take another long trip somewhere. Why I might just drive all the way to Los Angeles. We’ll see.

So I’m back to PC. My parents have my Mac now. Last I remember, my mom’s in front of it most of the time playing Plants vs. Zombies. When I get back, I’m installing Skype so that when I find myself out of the country again, I can talk to my family face to face. There’s something new that I just got into, Skype. I haven’t used it much though. The only people I’ve Skyped with so far are Jon and Amalia. Buncha shit talkers haha!! So yes, I’m back to PC. A laptop in fact. A gaming laptop. For what game you say? Take a wild guess. Seriously, it’s only to keep up with the homies. (I joke but other than Google chat, that’s the only place I see them, sadly enough)

As far as I remember I didn’t get a ticket. And I still damn the day I got that Mazda Speed 6, much like I damn the day I signed up for a WoW account. Like alcohol, it’s been the cause of, and the solution to my problems. Most of them anyway.

“Windy as farts?!!” Did I just type “windy as farts?!!” If I ever type anything that corny again I’ll plunge a spoon straight through my eye socket . . . or just shake my head and make some empty claim like I just made. So to sum up: I stil have wanderlust; I no longer own a Mac; I’m a slave to the fast, the cancer producing, and the time/life draining.