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 And queue the, “That’s what she said,” jokes.

Anyway, since I wrote so much the last post, I’m a cut down on this one.  Today, I’m gonna ponder on a quote I came up with recently:

If sharing is caring, I don’t really care.

This was a quote I wanted to put as my FB update status, but that’s too dick-ish to be me.  So then I tried this:

If sharing is caring, I could care less.

Less of a dick, but still pokes you.  Plus, it gives you added asshole points because it’s almost like a chore that you care, or share.  So then there’s this

If sharing is caring, I don’t have much to care about.

Now it’s moving more towards being a pussy.  It doesn’t have that oomph.

I’ve been thinking about this for two days now.  Normally, I’d have forgotten all about the whole thing and moved on but, the writer in me wants a quote.  Something simple, but clever.  The writer in me will toss and turn until either I figure this out, or I burn-out.  I’m putting money on burning out.

Oh and yes, mid-way through writing this I decided to somehow put dick, asshole and pussy in there an make sense.