So much for full disclosure

(Last Updated On: April 29, 2019)

Yup, this is once again your personal journal.  You’re still not comfortable revealing other sides of your personality, and that’s cool.  Compartmentalize yo shit.  It’s not like people are dying to know your innermost thoughts.  If one did, it’s here.

What was I writing about last time?  Try to remember without going back to read it.  All I remember is me being emo about my past emo writings.  Oh yeah, it was an abridged version of my experiences in Texas, then Washington, then Florida.  There was definitely a lot of whiny, weepy at the end.  To be fair, it was catharsis.  Sadly, life is not fair.  Anyway.

I do remember writing something about how I thought I got my ego back last year when I was in KAF, and how I lost it again coming back to Florida.  Oh yeah that’s in my leather book.  I left it back home.  It was whiny and weepy too.  I find though that my writing’s, emotion-filled as they may be, have become colder and colder.  I had a conversation with Bobby about this.  About how every time your “heart” takes a beating it develops callouses and scar tissue.  On one hand, it’s a good thing.  It toughens you up and thickens your skin.  However, if all you’ve got going for you is your warm heart, then you’re fucked!  How much more before you become just a total asshole?  However, however, I hear assholes make the world go round.  So on that same hand, it still just might be a good thing.  I haven’t crossed that threshold yet.  And I may not.  But if I do, would it really be so bad?

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  1. erroliam

    I looked back, and I was sooo wrong. My last post was about my stupid quote. The post before that was what I thought was my emo past, which it was, but it didn’t end emo. It actually ended somewhat positive. From now on, I’m just gonna go back and read what I wrote and not go from memory when writing about it. I’m Forgetful Jones for Chris Cortez’ sake.

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