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What mood am in you say?  About ten seconds ago great, but slowly fading back to black.  So I’ll be quick.

These moods.  These moods of mine.  Why are they so fickle?  As much as I’d like to think I am unique to this, I am not.  That’s why writers need inspiration.  That’s why they invented the term “moody.”  Ah damn it’s gone.  Maybe I’ll come back to this later.

And I’m back.  I feel different, but not altogether better.  I had just what little motivational juice I had today to edit and re-post my unfinished chess players story, and as if I had just ejaculated, I was done.

That’s how quick they come, so to speak.  Just gotta catch them at the right times.  Maybe I should get me a muse like Jon.  First, however, I have to establish myself as an actual writer.

More on that.