(Last Updated On: April 29, 2019)

After this, I have yet to write more on it.  I don’t know how to keep it going and I don’t know how to end it.  Maybe someday I’ll finish this piece

    “Your move kid.”
    “I’m 24 Reg, or have you forgotten?”
    “I haven’t.  I’m 76?  Technically, I could call your father kid.”
    “Well it’s not like I can do anything anymore.  You got my queen.”
    “Tommy, Tommy.  She’s just a queen.”
    The younger player reacted as if he had been told, “it’s just a gun,” during a gunfight.  The elder chuckled.
    “What about the knight, the bishop and the rook?  If played and placed correctly, they can be more deceptively deadly than just a queen and any other piece.  I thought you’d have learned that by now, reading that chess book of yours.”
    “You know, I thought I was gonna get you with this trick I learned on page 44.”
    “How about reading the whole book first instead of-”
    “Yeah, yeah, I know.”
    “Of course you do.”  The old man laughs.  “You know you’ve come a long way since I met you the first time.  Seems like you’ve really gotten control of your life.”
    “I couldn’t have done it without you old man.”