(Last Updated On: May 18, 2019)

After wasting time monkey fucking with this thing, I finally have this blog up and running.  I’m aware this is bare-bones but I’ll build this up to an honest-to-goodness website.  Thanks to Siteground.com for your ultra-cheap yet ultra-easy web hosting, and WordPress.com for eating up 3 hours of my life lol!


I’ll try to keep the LiveJournal-style emo shit to a minimum (check the posts before 2009), and try to post entries with these categories in mind:

  • Weekly review of thought of the day tweets
  • Revisit and commentary of past entries
  • Monthly review of daily and weekly thoughts
  • Elaborations on venue reviews
  • Topical analyses (a.k.a. who do I think I am, some wiseguy?)
  • And maybe some emo LiveJournal shit, who knows, maybe, we’ll see. . .