Time Travel Tuesday

Doc and Marty, precursor to Rick and Morty (I think) Credit: www.film-grab.com

Sometimes, I have nothing to write about for Training Tuesday.  Other times, I think Training Tuesday sucks.  But most of the time, I have nothing to write about for Training Tuesday because, really, it sucks.  Instead, Time Travel Tuesday is a review of all the experiences I’ve had in the past; so kinda like Wanderlust Wednesday.  But on occasion, I’ll look back on some of the random thoughts and think pieces I’ve either written on past posts, past projects or past college assignments (so basically Think Tank Thursday).

In all honesty, it’s just a catchy title to tack on when I don’t feel like writing a particular themed piece on a particular day.  Currently in progress is my Sedona vacay series which you can see here, and here.

By Errol

In order of importance: Father, Husband, Aspiring writer, Graduate student, U.S. Air Force veteran.

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