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Well ok!  Here’s to another week done and I’m actually blogging this time.  Lots of twist and turns and character dev . . .nah just normal weekend wrap-up nonsense.  Here are highlights of the week from May 21st to the 27th.


Last week, I got phone interviews from the State Compensation Insurance Fund, Sacramento for the Corporate Communications internship and Capital Public Radio for the Marketing Internship.  Today, I put on a suit and went to the State Compensation Insurance Fund, Vacaville office and interview for the Student Assistant for Underwriting position.  I know, exciting stuff right?


Also, because I had to get my priorities straight for the week, I turned to the wisdom of Mitch Hedberg who told me:

Other of his notable quotes:

“One time, a guy handed me a picture saying, ‘here’s a picture of me when I was younger.’ Every picture is of you when you were younger!”

He was the coming timing king with his stoner delivery and one-liner-esque jokes.  Rest in Peace man.

For a short sample of his set, click here.  #MitchHedburg #RIP #gettingmyprioritiescrooked




Lastly, it was a gym day and first song was:

@ the Travis Fitness Center, Travis Air Force Base, CA


First, a blast from the past courtesy of Arnold “He’s got an IMDb webpage?” Basingat.

Second, I’ve come to the realization that listening NPR not only makes you a hipster, but an aging hipster.

Then I went full retard , unlike Kirk Lazarus and hope that this commitment of being a writer sticks this time.


After that, I was introduced by The PennyHoarder to #omconnecthour.  According to them, I can earn $300 a year to $400 a month, just by shutting all your lights and non-essential appliances at peak usage hours in your city.  I see no downsides to this, other than having to find something to do in Vacaville on a work day.

Finally, a shout-out to my Vietnamese peoples @ Saigon Pho, Vacaville.

You can see my TripAdvisor review here and Yelp review below

Read Errol C.‘s review of Saigon Pho on Yelp


For some reason, I broke from my normal apathy towards politics and posted this:


It’s not that Nelson Muntz is political, it was my response when I saw this

Also, my quote of the day:

“Well we didn’t get the whole chocolate bar, but we got a Hershey’s kiss.”

Picture courtesy of www.allmovie.com

Why this quote?  Well, when I responded to an ad about a “WordPress Wednesday” event in Santa Rosa, CA I figured, why not?  Maybe I can learn something there.  An hour and 15 minute drive later, and there were only about 7 people in there.  4 were moderators, 3 (including myself) were attendees.  Only one of us knew what the speaker was rattling on about. . . me.  After the “seminar” was over, I started to chat with the lead guy. and he seemed pretty cool.  If he and his company, West County Media didn’t live so far away from me, I would’ve taken him up on his consultation.

Suffice to say, I didn’t get an education in web design (chocolate bar) but I did get a connection (Hershey’s kiss).

Finally, a shoutout to L&L Hawaiian BBQ, Vacaville, who’s chicken katsu and spam musubi’s are pretty good.

I gotta stop slackin and getting in my review on these guys.

Look how many awards they won!


I saw this . . .

. . . and tweeted this

Because I’m pretty sure when the singularity happens, there’s gonna be less shaking of hands and more kicking of our asses.

Next, shout-out to Hot Stone Korean Kitchen, Fairfield, CA.

I probably should write a review for these guys too. But c’mon, you’re 51 of 204 places to eat in Fairfield, and that saying something right? (yeah ok, you guys are on my to review list)

And also, clicked “Interested,” then “Going” to Tiny Desk Sacramento sponsored by Capital Public Radio.  I’ll admit it’s less “I’m a hipster because I go to NPR Tiny Desk Concerts,” and more “Hey I want that Marketing Internship position and this is how I’m gonna woo them.”

Note: about a day later I get rejected.  Bummer.  Still planning on going to the concert though.

And then, yeyyy Hikeday!!

1st song was . . .

@Pena Adobe Lagoon Valley Regional Park, Vacaville, CA


Again, I don’t normally care about such things, but then I tweeted this:

“Whenever I think about our political climate, I see this:


and hear Entry of the Gladiators by Julius Fucik (really? Gladiators are the farthest thing I think about when hearing this tune, Julius!  #differenttimes)

Or this


and this song.

So hey, how about something more upbeat, like a hikeday?!!

Too bad it was a hike day fail.  I got kicked out by Lake Solano County Park rangers.  They were in the right though.  I did arrive pretty close to sunset.


First, shout-out to Temple Coffee Roasters, Sacramento, CA

I’d like to say I’ve been slacking on posting my reviews again but dayam, they’re #1 in Yelp and TripAdvisor (ok whatever #4, still impressive) for Sacramento coffee shops.

Disappointed from yesterday, I decided to take another crack at hiking in the Winters, CA area.  I hyped myself up with . . .

And ended up in

Not too bad a day.


For more context on this tweet see the May 23rd and 25th tweet above.  #omg #politics #raisingmybloodpressure #

Next, shoutout to Habib’s Famous Kabobs, Vacaville

Watch for my reviews of this awesome Afghan restaurant soon. . . if I don’t slack like normal.  However, due to their delicious but calorie packed #definitelynotketo meals . . .

GYM TIME!  1st song

@ the Travis Fitness Center, Travis Air Force Base, CA


So takeways from the week:

  1. I’ve got some reviews to post for L&L Hawaiian Barbecue, Hot Stone Korean Kitchen, Temple Coffee Roasters (as if they needed it lol) & Habib’s Famous Kabobs.
  2. I need to get my shit together on this #weightlossjourney.  i can’t just hike or gym just because I ate delicious but #ketonotketo food.
  3. I’m torn between continuing my hustle for a CAP Radio internship or just going into business myself, possibly through this blog.
  4. Or I could just focus on school and not worry about it until I get my degree.

Welps, I hope next week is just as exciting.  Tune in next time for . . .