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(Shout out to Angela Boney-Pfister for calling out the confusing format.  I don’t know if I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again, I welcome any and all critiques on this site.  I won’t get mad, I promise . . . unless you’re a spam-bot or a troll.)

Hello friends!  These are my highlights of the week.  From bombshells to epiphanies, here is what occurred from May 28 to June 3.


So, how about we start with the bombshell…


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Happy Memorial Day 2018!!


The last time I went to Habib’s Famous Kabobs in Vacaville was Sept 2016, about two days after I just PCS’d (Permanent Change of Station…I really need to get working on explaining those Military Acronyms, don’t I?) from Kadena Air Base, Okinawa to here.  The food was excellent now as it was then. (and I still have them on my “to review list,” fuuuuuuuuu…)




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Dear past Errol,

Stop being a drama queen.  You’re better than that now.  #yourshitistogether #chillout


What?!! I get dramatic again?!!  So, here’s a follow-up to that post.

First, I can’t put my finger on it, but I’m pretty sure the whole “first, second and third whatever” came from somewhere.  But you still are an asshole.

Second, I don’t think there is a “secret technique,” you just do what you do and hope you don’t screw shit up too much.

Third, fuck being the next Stephen King , Bob Woodward, or  Perez Hilton.  See above.

You just freaked out because you were supposed to get paid today and you didn’t.  Come to think of it, you wrote this at 12:39 in the fucking morning!!  Unless you’re Jonathan Wandag, no one is usually in their right mind at that time.  Take it from the future you.  When you woke up the next day, your bank account got a little bigger.  KKTHNXBYE!

Oh yeah, and this happened…

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Was it just me or did #whoreadsnowadays read like whore ads nowadays at first, second and third glance . . . THAT’S IT!! I REMEMBER NOW IT WAS F. SCOTT FITZGERALD IN “THIS SIDE OF PARADISE!!” (If you’re confused, see the second line below Friday)


Anyway, so I started the book each day for 10 days Facebook posts and I started with:

Other than that, I’m pretty sure this was an uneventful but relaxing day.  I guess I could say I ate leftovers from Panera Bread and Wah Shine Chinese Restaurant, but that’s pushing it.


And, I took a second crack at the UC Davis-Stebbins Cold Canyon Nature Reserve hiking trails, but I changed so many variables that I got winded fast at the 1 km mark.

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Like I said, I did a morning hike instead of the usual afternoon, it was my second time on the trail so didn’t quite know it yet, the summer heat bogged me down as opposed to the spring breeze picking me up, and uh, yeah, it sucked.  Normally, I get my second wind on the hike back, but I dragged ass until about the 5 km mark, which was pretty much the home stretch.  The trails here are definitely more challenging than in Pena Adobe and Rockville Hills.  This will be good practice for when I eventually hike Yosemite and Lake Tahoe.



Wrap-up to the Wrap-up

  • I’m having a baby. Holy shit!!
  • I’m gonna have to set up some foundations for me to be a freelance writer. It’s funny because prior to this epiphany, I finally got a job offer after months of unanswered resume responses and rejection calls after interviews.  I’ve got the resources, now I just need to use them.
  • Time to get used to this new trail, and new time of day to hike (and possibly work out). Overall, it’s better for me anyway to start in the morning, when it’s not blazing hot outside.
  • Welps, it looks like it’s time to restructure my priorities come next year (and by restructuring, I mean kiss my videogame time goodbye. QQ)


P.S. West World Season 2 Episode 7 Whaaaaaaaaaa…