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“Wow Even the rocks in Sedona meditate!”
― Ilchi LeeThe Call of Sedona: Journey of the Heart

It’s about time I continued this.

In part 1, I briefly talked about how skeptical I was when being told that a trip to Sedona is a magical, mystical experience, and how I never would have gone there if it weren’t for my Japanese wife.  What almost ruined it for me was the decision to drive the grueling 12 hours from Vacaville, CA to Sedona, AZ, as show below

Maybe next time, we’ll fly.

Now I don’t have many pictures of the drive down because:

  1. Erumi took most of the pictures of the drive and I still haven’t taken copies from her iPhone (combination of lagging and barriers of communication; she has yet to understand the concept of sharedrives, and I have yet to fully explain it to her in my meager Japanese)
  2. Once you get past San Jose, there isn’t really much to see until you hit Sedona.
  3. Driving 12 hours when you haven’t driven 12 hours in a loooong time does not really put you in a touristy mood, not me at least.

However, I do have a screen shot of the insane route we took as we were driving the last 33 minutes to our destination

That drive was both exhilarating an scary as fuuuuu…

So, before we made our way to Sedona, we had to reserve lodgings for the 3 day, 2 night stay.  As old fogies, we looked at potential hotels or motels in the area.  But then again as old fogies, we thought, how about we try this Air BnB thing these young people are talking about.

(Note:  we aren’t that old per se, but our sensibilities and grasp of new technology, definitely)

So we went big with our first ever Air BnB reservation.  And I’ll tell you what, we set the bar for our next one pretty high.

I’ll tell you more about it in Part 3 of our Sedona vacay, once I figure out how to get those photos from my wife’s phone.

Man we’re technologically old!!