Apart from “Things that make you go Hmm,” it’s things that make you go


I realize that’s a broad spectrum which ranges from mild frustration to utter shock but, when rage sets in, I have no choice but to use this day to vent nuclear warhead detonation levels of extreme, flabbergasted dumfoundedness.  At the moment of writing this post, I feel as calm as a Hindu cow.  But there will be times when I am angry at:

  • Restaurant staff who get my order wrong (which incidentally, I shouldn’t be at anyway because #weightlossjourney!)
  • People who cut me off or don’t let me pass while driving
  • The news!

It’ll be mostly the news.  Given the political climate, it’ll be the fucking news.  This is not an all inclusive list and I will build upon it as I find more shit to get pissed at.  In the meantime, listen to some Enya.