Every Sunday, I will do the best I can to sum up the week’s highlights.  Whether it’s a topic on Military Mondays, Veteran Fridays, Free radical posts, or just a summary of the week’s events, I will post them here.

Here’s a quick recap:

April 30:  Watched Avenger’s Infinity War I – It truly is the the “The Empire Strikes Back” of the MCU

May 1: First day of Spring Term I of Brandman University – the only downside to this thing is that I have to pay $5 to come back home from Walnut Creek

May 2:  Daily obligations for my wife in Sacramento

May 3:  Capital Public Radio‘s Big Day of Giving sponsored by the New Helvetia Brewing Company and Hefty Gyros – The Capital Public Radion Khz Kolsch was phenomal, and so was the event, not to mention the Pita Gyro

May the 4th be with you:  Aside from the Star Wars reference, it was the beginning of blazing some trails in Lagoon Valley Park, Vacaville

Cinco de 5-oh:  Fun fact, while we use this day as an excuse to drink, In Japan, it’s a day set aside to remember one’s children, and it’s also marks the end of Golden Week

That about wraps it up.  Stay tuned for more posts.