WTF Wednesday: Introductory post

Apart from “Things that make you go Hmm,” it’s things that make you go via GIPHY I realize that’s a broad spectrum which ranges from mild frustration to utter shock but, when rage sets in, I have no choice but to use this day to vent nuclear warhead detonation levels of extreme, flabbergasted dumfoundedness.  At the… Continue reading WTF Wednesday: Introductory post

Wanderlust Wednesday: Introductory post

“Not all who wander are lost” You know that awkward feeling when you enter a new place, and five seconds later you feel it isn’t for you, but you don’t want to be that jerk who sat on a table and left right after?  Yeah I know how that feels too.  Sometimes you don’t really… Continue reading Wanderlust Wednesday: Introductory post